For Developers

D MENICS Automated Parking Systems Create Space for More Revenuefor-developers

Minimize the Impact of Parking by 50%

Developers regularly have to reduce revenue generating space to accommodate required parking. Many times properties go undeveloped simply because there is not enough space to get the parking density needed and still have a viable project.

D MENICS Automated Parking Systems adds value to any development project by:

  • Increasing revenue generating space.
  • Lowering development costs.
  • lowering overall operations costs

The D MENICS Automated Parking Systems can reduce the land area required for parking by 50% as compared to a conventional ramp-style garage. Or, park twice as many cars in the same amount of space as the typical conventional garage.

D MENICS Automated Parking Systems give the developer more options for additional revenue, green space, common areas for the community or other uses that benefit the property as a whole.

Lower Development and Operating Costs

Overall development costs for a D MENICS Automated Parking Systems can be significantly lower than for a conventional garage. Since there are no people or running cars inside the garage, there are lower lighting and ventilation requirements. Lower insurance costs, lower personnel expenses and smaller land area required and more – all add up to increased savings.

Underground applications are particularly well suited to the D MENICS Automated Parking Systems Because only half the space is needed for the same amount of parking as conventional garages, developers can save as much as 50% on the excavation alone.

Additionally, Samuel I. Schwartz, P.E. in his article The Garage of the Future Must be Green  stated "When all factors are considered, the cost of operating an automated garage is less than half (-55%) that of a conventional garage."